Parenting During A Pandemic

I’ve tried to normalize and manage my sons questions as much as possible. He is 4 years old, last year he went to daycare, but this year because of my health he can’t. Today he took a bite out of a bright shiny apple. “Mom, when the virus is over I’m going to bring an apple to my teacher Jamie.” My heart melted. He asks me questions and he knows that a virus is going around. 

-Be open and honest with your children about the virus. 
-Try a schedule; so that they have something to look forward to, like Family Game Night Sunday.  
-we have painted our windows! Putting different themes!! We have to do a Christmas one! 
- The most fun we had was when I let him cut my hair, (I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, people thought the pandemic got me 🙈 

-playdoh, dominoes, legos are your friends (even when they’re all over the floors) 

-We started a baking show on Facebook live. It’s a great way to connect with our family and friends.
-I’ve created a Tik Tok channel for ourselves. It’s fun and when your “bored in this house” it’s a good way to pass the time!

-we started a garden this year! Nothing really grew in it but I impressed myself for seeing it through! 

Remember everything in moderation!! He has his iPad, I’ve seen Home Alone over twenty billion times. I don’t know what we are going to do when he’s school aged, but for now we just keep swimming like Dory says! 

The most important thing is taking some time for you. Whether it means having a bubble bath, getting a karaoke mic and singing at the top of your lungs, exercising, crafting etc. You are not alone, please reach out, and stay safe! 

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